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Tuesday, 22nd May 2018

We have learnt so much in the past two years it’s actually quite crazy. We’re still learning a lot about ourselves as we create more music and more about our responsibilties as an Independent band, by independent we mean no financial help from any big record companies or financiers. It can get tough because most of the money that the band generates are out of our own pockets, from venues, and your support by attending events just to hear our music so thank you so much for that💙.

Our plans for the next 3 Months….

We have 1 events coming up this June so hopefully we will see you there (For info

We have been working extremely hard on new music by upping our practices to a couple of times a week because we leave for Johannesburg in July for a week to record our FIRST EVER ALBUM!!!!!!!!!🔥😭 which we are so excited to make and share with you, we don’t want to speak too much about it but we really believe it’s going to be such a banger!😍

We hope to shoot a Music Video for Blackberry if you want to be a part of that hit us up in an email, or on our social media channels and we’ll give you all the deets about when and where😉.

@oxymusicza for both Instagram and Facebook

Thank you for all the support thus far ( We say thus & thou now, as in thou shalt always make sweet love to the person thy loves, thus is the💩).

Much Love,

The band that smells weird but can compose music suprisingly,



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